RE - Wind Energy

Wind energy is extracted via wind turbines, either as single installations or grouped into ‘wind farms’ that can have a generation capacity of several hundred megawatts (thousand kW).
Sited in an area with a good wind source, a single 1 MW turbine can provide the energy needs of 650 households.

Wind power capacity has doubled between 2004 – 2008, and continues to grow rapidly. The capacity for wind energy resources in Europe is substantial ( see chart below). Spain, Germany and France are currently the top three EU countries for wind power capacity. More info>>

  • Low cost
  • Rapid deployment – modular and quick to install
  • Provides bulk power equivalent to conventional source
  • Produces little environmental pollution
  • Noise (mechanical and aerodynamic)
  • Electromagnetic interference can distort TV and radio reception locally
  • Visual impact

These impacts are of little significance when compared to other energy sources (in particular fossil fuels).

Wind energy resources Over Europe:

Source: “Renewable Energy” Boyle, 2004

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