Have you ever thought of a way to reduce your operational costs and your energy consumption while at the same time increase your positive environmental impact on the planet, your corporate social responsibility commitment and your competitiveness on a national and international level?

NeZEH project helps you to expand your green network of sustainability by bringing you the best in the latest research and real business cases in the accomodation industry, along with giving you access to a wide range of training, materials, guidelines, practical tools, capacity building, events, conferences and seminars dedicated to improving your hotel energy performance and to meet your environmental and social responsibility targets.

The benefits of you joining neZEH include: Energy savings and reduction of operational costs; Unique positioning in a highly competitive market; Improved image and service for guests; Access to a new “sustainability” market segment, both individuals and companies; Increased comfort as an added-value for hotels’ guests; Corporate Social Responsibility targets met: Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability.

NEZEH, Nearly Zero Energy Hotel, is a 36 months European project financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme which has started in April 2013. Its goal is to accelerate the renovation process of existing hotels so that they become “zero energy” (in the meaning of the European directive on the energetic performance of buildings- EPBD recast).

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You can find here the Press Release 16 nearly Zero Energy Hotels Inspiring Europe to achieve nearly Zero Energy targets, and a downloadable version below.

Check the neZEH website for details and regular updates: 

SUSTAINABLE AND COMPETITIVE HOTELS THROUGH ENERGY INNOVATION- Nearly Zero Energy Hotels 2015, (June 24th 2015)- Nice, France

You can find here the Press Release of the event and a downloadable version below

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