Energy school – RE - Geothermal

Geothermal energy is energy extracted from the heat below the Earth’s surface. Hot springs have been used since ancient times for heating, and can now be harnessed for electricity generation. Even without hot springs there is plenty of heat in the ground, and small ground heat pumps (no more than a few metres underground) can be installed for individual buildings to use this energy for space and water heating. Today, geothermal energy is used for district heating, as well as for the heating (and cooling) of individual buildings, including offices, shops, small residential houses, etc. There are large geothermal district heating systems in Europe: for example in France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia. Sweden, Switzerland, Germany and Austria are the European markets for geothermal heat pumps.


  • Available anywhere
  • Very low visual impact, as the infrastructure is mostly beneath the ground
  • Not dependent on climatic conditions
  • Long term durability of installation


  • The investment costs of the system can be high.

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