Energy Efficiency - make a first assessment

Energy consumption monitoring

Energy consumption monitoring is highly recommended to establish fundamental information on energy use in the hotel. It can help reveal problems (e.g. abnormal changes in energy consumption), identify energy saving opportunities, and verify the effectiveness of the energy conservation measures you have implemented. 

Energy audit

An energy audit (an inspection which identifies energy consuming devices, determines their rate of energy consumption) carried out by an energy expert is the best way to get a comprehensive view of the actions that need to be taken in order to improve the energy efficiency of a specific hotel.

This is an essential step to identify the technical solutions that are the most appropriate for your hotel. 

“Audit” for the European Eco-label for tourist accommodation service

If you are planning to set up an environmental policy and action plan for your hotel, it may be worth establishing whether your hotel meets the standards of the EU Eco-label, and what actions you would need to take in order to qualify for the EU Eco-label.

The EU Eco-label is an official certification from the European Union that has gained European-wide recognition and can be effectively integrated into your marketing strategy. Even if you are not planning to obtain the EU Eco-label, reading about it may inform you on the actions you can take to improve your hotel’s environmental performance, especially in regards to energy use and efficiency.


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