EE - Protect the building from extreme temperatures

Window insulation

Windows may cause large heat losses in winter, whereas in summer the glass surfaces may be a source of overheating. The installation of thermal insulated windows is the key to reducing heating and cooling issues. The type of glazing and the type of frame are important aspects to consider. 

Building insulation

Improving the thermal insulation of the hotel building is important for keeping the hotel warm while cutting heating costs. Good insulation means keeping the heat generated inside the hotel for longer, this way the heating system does not need to work as hard. 

Prevention of air infiltration and of unnecessary outdoor air supply

Did you know that almost half of the energy consumed in hotels is used for space heating and cooling and that an important part of it is just wasted? One solution to avoid this waste is to make sure that there is no air infiltration at doors and windows, and that entrance doors are not a large source of energy loss.

Installation of sun shading devices

Installation of external movable sun-shading devices is highly recommended in hotels that are highly exposed to sunlight. Well-designed sun shading devices will help keep the building cool and comfortable and will limit the space-conditioning needs of the hotel.

Outside work to improve summer comfort

Well-designed landscaping can minimize the summer heat gain in your hotel, reducing your cooling needs by 20%- 100%. Planting a deciduous tree on the southwest or southeast side of your hotel, for instance, will help reduce your cooling needs and help maintain a comfortable indoor air temperature by casting a shade on the hotel.

You may also consider planting indigenous shrubs, or installing open pools or fountains for cooling by evaporation. Choosing the right ground cover for the surrounding area also plays an important role in summer comfort.



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