EE - Improve equipment efficiency

Key card systems to switch off electricity in guestrooms

Key card systems switch off electricity automatically when guest rooms are vacated, and thus avoid useless consumption of electricity (TV, lights…).

Lighting control

The principle of lighting control is to light only the areas that are occupied or truly need light. This can only be achieved with technical measures, such as automatic devices.

Energy saving light bulbs

Use of energy saving light bulbs reduces the hotel’s electricity consumption.

Electric appliances with high energy efficiency rating

If you want to replace or upgrade the old appliances and electronic products in your hotel, make sure that you choose a product with a high energy efficiency rating.

Energy efficient motors in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning applications

You probably have noticed that space heating and cooling is one of the largest energy consuming activities within your hotel. What you probably do not know is that the motors of the ventilators, compressors and pumps involved in your HVAC applications are responsible for a large share of your electricity consumption, because they generally work at full load all the time!

Actually motors do not need to work continuously at full load. Energy efficient solutions like variable frequency drive (VFDs) are available to adjust the speed of the motors to the actual needs of your hotel and can help reduce the electricity consumption of your HVAC applications.

Regulation of space heating and cooling

Space heating and cooling is generally the largest energy consuming activity within a hotel. To keep energy consumption at a reasonable level, it is necessary to regulate temperatures according to the actual needs and occupancy of the different zones of the hotel. In particular, having close control for individual rooms is very important.

High efficiency boilers

The energy efficiency of boilers available on the present market is much better than it used to be. If your boiler is old (>15 years old) or needs to be replaced, it is highly recommended to switch to a high energy efficient boiler: an A-rated boiler, a condensing boiler, or a low-temperature boiler.

Thermal insulation of boilers, water systems, domestic hot water tanks and water pipes

Insulation of boilers, hot water storage tanks and water distribution systems is a very efficient way to keep your water hotter for longer, especially if the equipment is exposed to cold conditions in winter.

By reducing heat loss, insulation allows for a lower water temperature setting, and thus provides energy and money savings for your hotel. In addition, insulation of water distribution systems results in a shorter time for your guests to get hot water when they turn on a faucet or showerhead, helping to conserve water.

Efficient solutions for active space cooling

Preventive measures (installation of sun protectors, etc.) are sometimes enough to keep a hotel cool and comfortable in summer. But the installation of an active space cooling solution may be necessary if your hotel still has cooling needs in summer.

Because air-cooling systems may have a strong impact on guests’ comfort and on your electricity bill, it is necessary to choose them carefully. 

Efficient ventilation systems

Controlled ventilation is highly recommended in hotels for the following reasons:

  • air quality: the quantity of fresh air needed depends on room occupancy and the activities within the rooms (for instance, bathrooms require important air renewal); therefore air renewal should be adjusted accordingly,
  • reduction of heat loss: excessive ventilation should be avoided in cold conditions because it will result in important heat loss (ventilation may be responsible for up to 15% of heat loss in winter),
  • need for cooling in hot conditions: over-ventilation may be very useful at mid-season or at night during summer in order to keep the hotel cool and comfortable.

Various solutions exist for efficient ventilation; the most reliable ones (as of today) are demand-controlled mechanical system. But these systems are worth considering only if air infiltrations at doors and windows are controlled in the first place!


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