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These tools can help you sensitize your guests on energy savings and encourage them to take an active role, by providing them with useful tips and ideas which they can apply during their stay, as well as at home.

We authorize the use of these materials free-of-charge to support hoteliers.

VIDEO "Unplug, Relax & Enjoy Your Stay" Preview

Hotel Energy Solutions from UNWTO on Vimeo.

Hotel Energy Solutions (EN) from UNWTO on Vimeo.

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BROCHURE "Unplug, Relax & Enjoy Your Stay" Preview

Lighting the way.

Many guests would like to know how they can be more energy efficient in their daily lives.  Investing  in an efficient lighting system consumes less energy, but it also improves your comfort.

TIP: Switching  to energy efficient lighting at home will pay for itself quite quickly!


During your stay, we ask you to use lighting only when needed, and to please turn the lights off when leaving the room

Un-plug and play.

Did you know that a lot of  energy is lost through plugged-in appliances that are not in use or are left turned on overnight? Your computer, cell phone or hair-dryer are consuming energy even when not in use. So, unplug, relax and enjoy your stay!


Trust your thermostat.

Thermostats work best on AUTO. Extreme variations of  temperatures, or turning the air conditioning/ heating system ON  and  OFF will not make you feel more comfortable any faster, and in the process unnecessary energy is wasted.TIP: Try maintaining the temperature between 24 and 26°C in the summer and at 21°C in the winter. Remember this rule and you will save energy at home.

Keep your cool.

In summer keep your windows and curtains closed during the day and your room will stay cooler. Try it at home and you will be surprised about how much energy is saved!

Use windows wisely.

Keeping your room comfortable with fresh air and at the right temperature is just as important as knowing when to open the window.

In the summer-time ventilate only in the evening, for a few minutes when the temperature is cooler outside, to refresh your room.

Save water and energy.

Did you know that taking a bath instead of a shower consumes three times more the amount of water and energy? Choosing not to have bed linen and towels changed every day also saves energy and water.

        TIP: By taking a shower instead of a bath, you will save more than 100 liters of water.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency means reducing energy consumption by improving  facilities, while at the same time maintaining the same level of comfort and service for guests. 

How to reduce our carbon footprint? How does saving energy relate to it?

Your carbon footprint is a measure of the impact your activities have on the environment, and in particular climate change. It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced in your day-to-day life through burning fossil fuels for electricity, heating and transportation, etc.   

What are we doing about it?

We are preparing an action plan with  practical solutions for energy efficiency.

The first step is to begin with a change in our behavior and as to how we use energy in our daily operations. 

The European Action Plan for Energy Efficiency estimates that hotels have the ability to reduce energy consumption by 30% by the year 2020, just about the same potential energy savings for the residential and the transportation sector.

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